Here is some information on recordbooks etc
Here is the Personal Development Report(PDR) Template for your recordbook as a microsoft word .doc file and as a .pdf file. and here is the annual prject report template for your recordbookas a microsoft word .doc file and as a .pdf file.
How to fill out the PDR: Here's a list of things you might have already done this year, and, if so, they can be entered on your PDR (personal development report). Be sure to look at the 4-H Record Book Manual to get lots of great ideas about what kinds of things you can list in each category, including things that may pertain to you individually. 1. Projects Completed This Year list your projects here 2. Project Skills Activities if you were a member at time of Fair, list things you entered in the Fair that reflect 4-H project learning if you were a member at time of Fair, count showmanship and breed shows (1 credit per species) participating in rabbit or cavy showmanship or breed shows at the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Assn.) show at the fairgrounds, would count under "outside of 4-H" 3. Events Attended Ventura County Fair (if you were a member at the time) Officer Training Science Night TOTSOCE kick-off event at Food Share 4. Leadership Development Board member Junior/Teen leader Record Book Judging Day Food Committee Yard Sale Advertising Committee (hanging and removing signs) Yard Sale Fundraising Committee (helping/participating at yard sale) Dudley House Cookie Committee (made cookies for Dudley House) leadership activity outside of 4-H: at school? clubs? in sports? church? etc...? you can count those under "outside of 4-H" 5. Citizenship & Community Service donated items for Humane Society (Oct. meeting) beach clean up helped with "Best Day" at beach catch and carry (rabbits or cavies) at Fair Ask-Me Booth at Fair TOTSOCE collecting food Dudley House greeter (you get to count a separate credit for each day you did it) Operation Christmas Child (packed a box of little gifts for underprivileged children) Christmas caroling did you do any community service outside of 4-H? ie. through school or just individually? you can count those activities under "outside 4-H" 6. Communication Skills wore 4-H T-shirt during National 4-H Week (representing 4-H) for things you can count as "outside of 4-H": did you give any oral reports at school? make any speeches for student council? were you in a play? are you in a journalism class? 7. Honors/Recognition must be a TOP honor (such as Best of Class, Best of Division, Gold Medal, Best of Breed, etc...) all other honors, such as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons, can be listed on your Annual Project Report for that project (there is a space to list honors and awards) also, list top honors "outside of 4-H", such as student of the month, academic honors, 1st place sports team in season competition, etc... 8. Lifestyle Activities things like sports, music, dance, etc.... See manual for lots of information and examples

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