Loma Vista 4-H
Duties and Qualifications of Officers

All officers are required to attend a monthly board meeting as well as the regular club meeting. Club officers are role models for our club and provide leadership for our
club. They must arrive early to assist with setup and ensure meetings start on time.

To be eligible to run for an office, a member must have completed one year in 4-H, and be starting 5th grade or higher (depending on the office) at the beginning of the next school year.

Members are allowed to run for one or two positions. A member may only be elected to one office. If a member is not elected to his/her first choice then he/she may be appointed to their second choice or another office (if willing). Two members may run together to share a position with the club leader’s prior approval.


7th grade or above
Preside over officer and club meetings
Communicate with officers when necessary
Prepare agenda for meetings
Form committees
Must be a board member at least one consecutive year before running for President

7th grade or above
With board assistance, plan program for each club meeting Arrange for speakers, materials, equipment, etc.
Have a “backup” program plan
Thank speakers in writing
Preside over meeting if President is absent


7th grade or above
Plan yard sale

Plan holiday auction
Plan any other club fund raisers

Preside over meeting if President is absent

7th grade or above
Develop budget for club approval
Account for all money received and/or spent
Write checks and make deposits
Balance club records with monthly bank statements Present treasurer’s report at each meeting Complete end of year reports
Take treasurer’s training at the 4h office


7th grade or above
Take minutes at each club meeting and officer meeting Keep track of attendance at each meeting

7th grade or above
Website development and maintenance Update website monthly

6th grade or above
Plan refreshments for each club meeting
Arrange for someone to bring refreshments (snack and drinks) to each club meeting Make reminder calls a week or so before meeting
Provide cups, napkins, and other items needed (club will reimburse for costs)

6th grade or above
Maintain club supply of shirts, hats, scarves, record book covers Coordinate supply orders with treasurer
Run the club store at monthly meetings
Store supply box at your home & bring to each club meeting

6th grade or above
Publish a newsletter for each meeting either printed or via email
Provide information on newsletter deadlines to officers and project leaders Write and submit articles to Clover Lines regarding any newsworthy event Submit newsletter to webmaster for posting


6th grade or above
Arrange community service projects with local organizations Organize sign-up lists for community service projects
Make reminder calls to members as necessary

6th grade or above

Provide information to club members to support and encourage submission of record books
assist with any club record book workshops

5th grade or above
Maintain club scrapbook
Take pictures at club meetings and events
Present scrapbook or a slideshow at a club meeting

5th grade or above
Official greeter
Guessing jar – bring items and jar, count, announce winner Set up and clean up for each meeting

Lead Pledge of Allegiance and 4-H pledge or ask another member (ahead of time) Keep order during meeting

6th grade or above
Provide ideas on how to incorporate physical activities and healthy eating into each club meeting
Write Healthy Living articles for club newsletter or website

Promoting and adopting a club wellness plan
Continue exercise chart- running around the world program




Name ___________________________________________ Grade in Sept 2016_______

I am interested in running for the following board position(s):

First Choice     ______________________________

Second Choice ______________________________

Check here if you would be willing to consider accepting other positions________ (You will be called to discuss positions that are available.)

I have read and understand the duties, responsibilities and obligations of these offices. I also understand that I am making a commitment of time and support to fulfill the duties of office. Further, I understand that I will be required to fulfill the requirements of the position and maintain the office in good-standing in order to earn an officer pin.

Member’s signature ______________________________________ Date ____________ As a board member’s parent, I understand the commitment of time and support that must

be given for my child to fulfill the duties of office.
Parent/Signature _________________________________________Date ____________