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Next Meeting: March 14th 7:00pm
Where: Poinsettia Elementary School Cafeteria

Humane Society will come and share their animals and information on safe handling. Sure to be fun.

April 22: Small Animal Field Day

May 13: Large Animal Field Day

June 3: Summerfest (volunteer to work the booth)





Loma Vista 4-H New Parent/Member Guide 2016/2017 Club Year 

Welcome! We hope that you get as much out of 4-H as our members and their families, many of whom have been in our club since they were just 9 years old and even younger. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with some of the best opportunities to get the most out of 4-H. 

4-H Year & Enrollments – We follow the school year, September – June, though we are active during the summer at the Ventura County Fair! Enrollments for new members were at our first meeting in September. Yearly fees are $55.00 first child and $52.00 for each additional child. 

Club Meetings – Our meetings are typically on the second Tuesday of each month, starting at 7pm at Poinsettia Elementary. These dates/locations can change from time to time. Each member is required to attend 80% of all monthly club meetings. These meetings are FUN as we always have an activity! 

Project Meetings – In addition to attending club meetings, each 4-Her signs up for at least one (often more) project and must attend 80% of those meetings. Dates, times, and locations are decided by the volunteer project leader, who agrees to lead a minimum of 6 hours and is certified and background checked. Projects are varied and change from year to year depending on the adult volunteer skill set. Some of the projects we offer are: Rabbits, Cavies, Rabbit Hopping, Dog Obedience, Archery, Robotics, Baking, Gardening, Photography,Bicycling, Presentations/Record book, and more. 

Community Service – Dudley House Holiday Boutique, link to sign up: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0c44a9ac2caaff2-dudley  

Leadership – Monthly club meetings are run by the kids for the kids. As our children grow in 4-H they take on increasingly more active roles in the club and even at the County level. Starting in middle school, 4-Hers can sign up to be a Junior Leader and assist the adult leaders with their projects. 

County 4-H Events – Loma Vista 4-Hers often participate at county-level 4-H events, getting to know and competing with other 4-Hers from other clubs. Opportunities include Small Animal Science Field Day, Food Faire, Presentation Day, Ventura County Fair, and more. 

Public Speaking – One of the best life skills that a 4-Her learns is public speaking. They do this by making announcements in front of our club, leading the 4-H pledge, and participating in Presentation Day events, which involve teaching an audience of their peers and adults how to “make”, “raise”, or “grow” something they learned in their project. You will hear more about this as the events approach in March. 

Record Books – Another very important aspect of 4-H is record keeping. Our children learn how to keep track of all that they do in 4-H and document it on different forms, all of which are compiled annually into their record book. These books are then turned in for awards at the club, county, and state level. An added benefit of keeping a record book is the invaluable help it provides our teens as they begin college applications. 

Awards & Recognitions – As with many youth programs, our members have multiple opportunities to earn awards throughout the year, whether by entering an item they made, grew or raised into the Ventura County Fair or through the many countywide 4-H events. 4-Hers can also earn medals for their hats by holding officer positions, having 100% attendance at club meetings, and so much more. 

The 4-H Uniform – The primary components of the uniform are the green felt hat and green scarf or tie, which may be purchased from our Supply Officer. These are accompanied by, “4-H whites”, meaning white shirt/ blouse and pants/jeans. While the 4-H uniform is not a requirement it is strongly encouraged, especially to display the many medals our members receive. 

Parent Volunteers- We encourage all parents to be active in the club and help out as much as possible. 

Project leaders are always needed. It is easy to become a leader, you take a 2 hour class at the 4h office, get a background check and set up your project. A project can be anything you or your kids are interested in, maybe you have a hobby or special skill you can share with the children. Just let the club leader know you are interested in being a leader and we will get you the necessary information. 


Want to learn more about the duties of the 4-H officers? Click this link


       Loma Vista 4-H is a 4-H club in Ventura,California, our club meets every second Tuedsay of the month at Poinsettia Elementary School in Ventura,CA. Our club follows the school year and meets September through June. We focus on community service in our projects and club meetings. Project meetings are separate from club meeting and are led by our project leaders. We participate in events such as county 4-H field days and the Ventura County Fair where the 4-H members compete in various forms of showmanship, animal knowledge, cooking, fashion design and many other activities.

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